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Social Media Strategy and Social Visual Content for Financial Advisors

You are a financial professional for a reason, not a marketer or social media influencer- we understand this. Vocabulary like social media, social content, and the marketing of social content may seem foreign. This motivated Financial Website Company to provide a comprehensive breakdown of social visual content and its importance when marketing yourself as a financial advisor, CPA, or a firm. 



Social visual content is visual components that use various media to add an aesthetic appeal to your firm and use composition to highlight the core values and purpose of your financial firm. The content that you have on social media is your social visual content. Elements such as infographics, videos, photographs, and slideshows are all components of social visual content that can boost your virtual reach. 


Social Media Strategy

There are various forms of social media and many of them have similar attributes and qualities that can make a marketing strategy easier to follow. For instance; Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all have “story” formats where your post can be viewed for 24 hours or post formats where the information is public until removed. Stories are good for information that doesn’t necessarily need to be a post. The average internet user is only willing to read 80% of the content and of that, only 10% is retained. However, when seeing an image that reminded them of that information, they retained 65%. What does this tell us? In simple terms, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is why infographics, videos, photos, and slideshows can not only capture a viewer’s attention but aid in retaining vital information about your financial firm. 


Instagram is a social media site that is great for reaching an audience of individuals of a younger age. This doesn’t necessarily mean teenagers, there are a plethora of great ways to target your audience with posts and stories that will allow you to find the entrepreneurs, adult children who are looking for financial assistance for their parents, and families looking for financial security. Whatever your target audience is, Instagram is a great way of promoting a financial advisor or CPA through “hashtags” which are keywords that optimize your post for viewers’ searches. 



Relatively older generations commonly use Facebook. This may be a good way to reach clients who are elderly, middle-aged, or who use Facebook for business. Many entrepreneurs use Facebook to promote their businesses, which could mean promising leads if this fits within your scope of practice. There are a lot of parents on Facebook and great methods of interacting with your specific community digitally. 



A social tool for the business person. If you specialize in financial planning and management for business owners and other professionals, LinkedIn is a great opportunity to connect with a niche network of professionals. Even if you don’t, LinkedIn is considerably more professional than other social platforms in the presentation of your information, therefore we recommend creating one, even if you’re the “I don’t do social media” kind of person. 



Twitter is a platform that consists of short public messages and “retweets” which allow for ample interaction with other users. With the ability to repost, comment, and like others’ posts, Twitter is a great platform for mass interaction. If you are looking to expand your services further, Twitter may be a great option. The ability to use the aforementioned hashtags to optimize relativity in the app can target a specific audience. For any questions or to schedule your free 15-minute consultation, contact Financial Website Company at 

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