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Financial SEO in 5 Steps

1. Target Your Audience

Find your niche and target your audience. Maybe you specialize in retirement planning or particularly enjoy helping young adults save for the future. Whatever the case, you can use keywords to determine which search terms fit your firm. It is always a good idea to research keywords with low competition to ensure your website ranks higher, but keep regularly searched phrases in mind. This may sound tricky, but a good financial search engine optimization team should be able to help with no problem. Finding a service that offers website design and SEO is always recommended above hiring two separate services. 

Expert Tip: Our experts at Financial Website Company conduct a competitor analysis to compare rivaling firms and their SEO success. 


2. Attention to Detail

Your website may look amazing and you might even use keywords that boost your presence, but behind-the-scenes work like enabling bots can improve your optimization ranking drastically. Small details such as the loading speed for pages on your site, image optimization and technical maintenance to keep your site running smoothly are essential. 

Expert Tip: These tasks can be difficult to accomplish, especially if you aren’t extremely tech-savvy. We recommend consulting an SEO expert. Companies like Financial Website Company will even teach you what you need to know to keep your site technically optimized. 


3. URLs, Titles, and Tags

Your homepage is a great start when it comes to optimization, but your entire site has valuable content that could also use a boost. Optimizing titles and tags work for any page to help more potential clients land on the page that answers their questions, rather than making them skim the entire site for information. Your URLs are important as well because they summarize the page into one link, make sure your URLs are optimized and make sense. 

Expert Tip: More people are likely to discover your website via third-party resources like blog posts when all of your landing pages are optimized. These resources do the bragging for you and are like a public shout-out or testimonial. 


4. Impact of Content Quality 

Stepping back to the basics, the ultimate key to having successful optimization includes having quality content. Images that appear grainy or out of place, won’t impress your market. Achieving higher SEO ranking and establishing more visibility to your target audience means providing the content they want/ need. When third-party resources share your content, it boosts traffic, but they won’t share content that is less than stellar. 

Expert Tip: Following market trends can help you produce valuable content. For example, the first advisors to post content related to the pandemic probably accumulated tons of traffic from frantic clients wanting specialized help. 


5. Represent Your City

Most searches for financial services end in the phrase “near me”. Potential clients typically aren’t looking for financial professionals across the country. Therefore, highlighting local landmarks and using localization to optimize your website will immensely help in ranking with geographical relevance. 

Expert Tip: Develop a closer connection to your community by using localization on your website. This will improve your chance of being included in local listings and news media. 

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