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Social Media Content Ideas for Financial Professionals

Promote Local Events

A quick google search will provide you with results such as events at the public library, local seminars, career fairs, holiday festivals, and much more. Your post could be as simple as relaying the information to your following by posting a flyer or photos from previous years.

Here are three ways you can promote the same event:

  1. Let’s say your city has a St. Patrick’s Day parade each year. You could find a digital copy of this year’s flyer and post it to your social media to encourage locals to come out. 
  2. If you have previously attended the parade and have photos, you could post a photo of yourself at the parade and give the information for this year’s parade. (We recommend promoting events 2-3 weeks before they happen, you could even do a weekly reminder.)
  3. In the case, you missed promoting the parade ahead of time if you attended you could post a photo from the parade and tell your followers how fun it was. 

Expert Advice: Instead of making a post from scratch, you could also share a post about the event from your community’s social media. 

Share Positive Interactions

There is a lot of negativities in this world, broadcasted through news and social media. Change the narrative by posting about good experiences you have had. Here are three ideas for positive community interactions you would have as a CPA or Financial Advisor:

  1. School visits. When you visit a school to be a guest speaker, help lead finance activities in classes, or if you volunteer to help with an elementary field day- post about it! 
  2. Recent press highlights. Have you been featured in the recent press? From local newspapers to national financial magazines, you should share your accomplishments! 
  3. Success Stories. If you have a particularly successful client, ask their permission to share their story. An easy way to share client stories is to share testimonials and posts clients have made about your financial firm. 

Expert Advice: Photos of you with students, volunteering, or while speaking to an audience are ideal for social media posts. A photo of you with happy clients or a shared post from a client is also a good way to spread positivity. 

An Inside Look 

One of the best ways to build rapport with your following is to share the inside scoop around the office. Celebrating your staff and allowing the community to feel closer to them is a great way to give an inside look. 

Here are three ideas on giving followers an inside look:

  1. Celebrations. Birthdays, engagements, pregnancies, and shouting out to your receptionist that just graduated with her bachelor’s degree are all terrific ways to celebrate your team with your following. This also goes for promotions within the office, if you had an intern who is now on the team officially, post a photo of them and announce the great work they’ve done. 
  2. Training. Your audience will be thrilled to see your firm keeping up with the latest training and knowledge. If you or one of your team members is taking a trip and will be attending training, conferences, or seminars while there, it is a good idea to share with your followers. 
  3. Holidays. Holidays are a great excuse to make a post and provide easy to formulate content. Update your followers with holiday hours, photos from holiday parties, or hold a charity event such as food, clothes, or toy drives for the holidays. 

Expert Advice: Photos and videos from volunteer events, holiday parties, or of team members announcing accomplishments are the best for this category. You could even post photos of team members while on vacation to update your following on the fun they are having. 


Education is important and you can educate your audience using the influence of social media. There are many ways to promote education with your followers, including posting about school visits as previously mentioned. However, without leaving your office, here are three ideas for educational content for financial advisor websites:

  1. Scholarships. Once the new year rolls around, you can bet seniors in high school are searching far and wide for scholarship opportunities. You can assist them by finding resources for reputable scholarships. You can even post a link to an article that has the “Top 10 Scholarships for Finance Students” to help young adults prosper in your field. 
  2. Tips and Advice. The easiest text posts you can make are compiled of tips, tricks, and advice from your firm. Our suggestion is to follow the calendar year and notice financial patterns, then post about them. Something as simple as, “how to prepare for tax season,” or “building a holiday budget,” can help followers be financially conscious and remember your name when implementing your advice. 
  3. Infographics. Infographics are a visually appealing method of providing your followers with educational information. With infographics or posting about statistics from reputable sources does not require you to brainstorm text or take photos of anything. Infographics also tend to catch attention on social media and are the most reposted across platforms. 

Expert Advice: Educational posts are most helpful to your followers and have the best chance of being shared or reposted, which will increase your reach as a financial professional on social media. For any questions or to schedule your free 15-minute consultation, contact Financial Website Company at


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