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Elements To Avoid In A Great CPA Website

Have you asked yourself the question, “How do I make my website feel like my firm?” or “I like simple, where should I be creative?” A great CPA website doesn’t appear out of thin air, an understanding CPA website designer and development team are behind the strategies used to make their firm seem effortlessly classy and yet trustworthy and helpful. For basic background, read further to learn how to incorporate powerful elements into your CPA website to optimize your potential. 


You should avoid having large pages of just text or graphics. Have you ever seen a website that looked like someone put it in a jar and shook it? You know the disheveled type and the graphics, text, and titles don’t quite line up, right? Those sites are not fun to navigate, but even if that describes your site, it is an easy fix to reorganize information and takes almost no time. You should organize your website to lead your users in the right direction, this means using menus, even spacing, and titles to direct the attention of the visitor. Just having even spacing on a website can do wonders for organization, and provides a clean and sleek  look to a page. 


“Stylish” Text

We have talked previously about how important legibility and readability are on your financial advisor website. One of the best ways to create an unreadable page is to use bright colors and fancy fonts that you have to squint to read. If you have to squint at all while creating the site, do not use that particular color or font. Instead, opt for a bold, dark-colored font (our favorite is black) or white if on a darker background. Remember, your target audience may be older or harder to see. 



When it comes to graphics, they are terrific at leading a user’s eye down the page and adding flair to the site, however, you should be careful not to choose the wrong graphics. We advise avoiding graphics that have no relation to your field or how you want to be viewed. An easy suggestion, photos of cities look modern and make people “think big,” but a firm in Chicago shouldn’t be using photos of New york. Graphics are one of the best ways to incorporate localization into your financial website. A firm in Chicago should use landmarks such as the Chicago skyline or The Bean. 


In order to yield the best quality from your website, avoid having disorganized web pages, choose hard-to-read text, and include graphics that have little relation to your individual firm. Many financial advisors get influence from other advisors and CPAs, which is great but sometimes they forget to show their originality and overcomplicate their content. Regardless, being mindful of the organization, text, and graphics can always help improve your content, and continuing maintenance assists in information being kept up to date.

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