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What CPAs Need to Know About Google Domains

Having a website designed and developed isn’t of much use without a website domain. Domains are the name of your website and show up in your URL so that when people search your business, they know what they are searching for. Nobody will contact a financial advisor from “,” therefore, choosing a domain name is crucial to how your audience perceives you and your business. Furthermore, domain names can actually give you a boost in marketing your small business, firm, or individual CPA site! 

Buy Your Domain

It is quite simple to search domains to evaluate which are taken and which are available for your use. Even if your domain is taken, it could become available after a few weeks or months- this is for those in the early stages of planning their website and have time. In a few simple steps, you should be able to add the desired available name to your cart. 

Expert Tip: Domains have required fees each year, so if the previous owner stops paying, they lose the rights to that domain name. This can work for and against you. It is good motivation for current domain owners to keep up on yearly domain payments. 

Enter Your Contact Information

Once the domain is added to your cart, you will be asked to enter contact information for the WHOIS database. When entering your contact information, you cannot add separate information for different roles within your domain, but you are able to go back and edit those contacts at a later date- so no worries if you have multiple people to add to those roles. 

Expert Tip: You are able to opt for the private registration for free, unlike other domain registrar services that require you to pay extra in order to keep your contact information anonymous. This often adds a sense of security to those who want to keep their information more private. 

Complete Your Payment

Comparatively, Google Domains is more cost-effective than GoDaddy or other domain registrars commonly used at only 30 dollars per year of domain use. In addition, other registrars do charge extra for private registration, typically $3.99 compared to the free opportunity with Google. 

Expert Tip: You can use payment methods such as Google Wallet, credit/ debit card, and more. However, to actually build the site will cost extra for most web hosting services. These include Shopify, Wix, Squarespace, and Weebly. Rather than paying to build the website yourself, we recommend paying an experienced financial web design and development team. 

Set Up Your Email

Another great aspect of Google Domains is the ability to host your email through your registered domain. Now, this can be a bit complicated for some, as you have to set up the DNS records, but teams like Financial Website Company are here to help with these very minor road bumps to achieve the desired result! If trying alone, know that you will have to go through Google Apps and back to your domain to set up the records properly. 

Expert Tip: Unlike some other registrars and services out there, when you register a domain with Google, your DNS records will initially be blank. This means that no spam will be automatically piled onto your records like random landing pages in your DNS settings. 

Although we recommend utilizing the services of an expert, Google Domains makes buying and registering simple for those who want to complete the setup themselves. To recap, Google Domains is considerably quick, easy, and more cost-effective than other registrars that financial advisors and firms may be tempted to use. 

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