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Website Design Tips for CPAs

Header/ Footer

On any website, the header and footer should be consistent and on every single page. This is the main form of navigation throughout your website. Important information to include in your header and footer are:

  • Your Logo
  • Firm/ Financial Advisor Name
  • Navigation Menu
  • Phone Number
  • Address (bonus points if it connects directly to google maps)
  • Social Media Links
  • Any Necessary Policies (in footer)


Include a Menu

We have talked in other articles about simple navigation. The best way to ensure a simple navigation experience is to include a menu in your header with links to all your featured pages. Typically, we see navigation menus displayed horizontally across the right side of your header. Our favorite trick with menu navigation is to include drop-down menus under your main page links to allow for the most effective navigation. 


Include a Search Bar

Now, this is not always necessary and if you only provide a few services, you may not include a search bar. In terms of easy navigation, a search bar is an ultimate key to navigation ease. Visitors simply type what they are looking for and the search bar will show results for similar keywords or phrases throughout your website. Including a search bar allows your site visitors to instantly receive their results, who doesn’t love that? Installing this yourself can be tricky but Financial Website Company has a tried and true method of optimizing a search bar to best suit the user’s experience. 


Unique Branding

Think of it, whenever the public sees a color scheme or logo, they directly associate it with your firm. That is a possibility that can become your reality. By incorporating as much of your brand identity into your website, users will familiarize your logo and color scheme with your services. We recommend placing your logo in the top left corner of your header and keeping a consistent pattern of colors, graphics, and text that highlight your branding. 


A Smart Color Scheme

In another article, we delved into the importance of color theory and establishing trust, especially in the financial industry. Another helpful tip when it comes to choosing your color scheme is to stick with a selection of colors. We recommend choosing 3-5 colors as your color scheme. Ideally, you should have a base color, a neutral color, and an accent color.  You can also add another color or two across your website for specific elements such as links. When choosing a color scheme, try looking at other firms and identifying what colors they used and why. 



In terms of navigation titles and subtitles or headings are extremely useful in directing your visitors where they need to go. Many website viewers tend to browse and skim the text rather than read it all. Using titles in your content can help quickly catch a visitor’s eye. 


Include a CTA (Call to Action)

If you look on our website, you will see buttons placed all over directing visitors to contact us or schedule a free consultation, this is one way to include a CTA in your financial advisor website. Another popular use of CTA’s is in the footer. As viewers end their experience on your website, what is next? Let them know with a call to action, where they can find your contact information and enter theirs so you can contact them. You can be simple or creative with your CTA, but the best attribute is the customization of the information you receive. 


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