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Ways to Tell Your Financial Website Needs a Refresh

Think of the way you like the front of your firm’s office to look- sleek, professional, welcoming, and authoritative. Before potential financial leads enter your door, they are now more inclined to visit your website, so your site should convey the same qualities. When you need to refresh your building, you can see the paint chipping or notice the carpet fading, for a website we have compiled a list of helpful hints alluding to a website refresh. 


Long Loading Times

If you look at your website and it takes a while to load from page to page or even the home screen when you first search in your browser, it is definitely time to update your website. There may be some easily fixable problems with your hosting service and our custom financial advisor website design developers could solve the problem in no time. 


Low SEO Score

You want to maximize your website’s search engine optimization, if you have few elements that comply with optimization standards or have too many, this could decrease your chance of people finding your website when searching for “financial advisors” or “CPAs near me”, by adding a few keywords and setting up google analytics, our team can track your progress once you update your website’s SEO strategy. 


Navigation Difficulty

When browsing a new website, it’s nice to feel as if you’ve already mastered the navigation, otherwise, users are likely to leave the site before obtaining the answers needed. This also means they may not contact you for help. To solve this, adding elements such as a drop-down navigation menu or a search bar on your website will lead them exactly where they need to go. Graphics are also a good strategy to lead the eye around the page.


Overall, there are a few ways to tell if your financial advisor website needs to be refreshed. This isn’t a bad thing and you may have a great design, but like anything, websites take maintenance to provide the most benefit. Or there’s a chance that you want to completely update your design, navigation accessibility, SEO strategy, and decrease loading times- Financial Website Company specializes in helping you determine what you need. A friendly representative will assess your needs, for those moments when you just don’t know what you’re looking for but know you want to improve your site. For any questions or to schedule your free 15-minute consultation, contact Financial Website Company at

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