Unique CPA Website Features to Offer

1. Blog Posts

Posting articles or blog posts can be a great way to spread information and knowledge while interacting periodically with your website. You do not have to update your site every two weeks, but you could post a blog with content that your audience finds valuable. A great example is tax time for financial professionals. When people begin to think about doing taxes for the previous year, post a few blogs about some common misconceptions or just tips and tricks of the trade! It’s a fantastic way to keep your website visitors engaged. 

2. Case Studies

Case studies are a great way to show your work in action. If you’ve solved a particular problem, you can create a case study regarding it and show potential leads how you have provided solutions to common problems. On some financial advising sites, videos explaining the case studies have been used to keep visitors engaged and stimulate their brains with the graphics while explaining valuable information. 

3. Geographic Data

You may have considered putting your office’s address on your website, but you can take it a step further and install Google Maps geolocation directly to your website for viewers to pinpoint where you are based on address, geographical landmarks, and places they may recognize as locals to the area. Regardless, it saves them the extra effort of looking up the address in Google Maps and makes you look that much more professional. 

4. Live Chat 

Live chats are great for interactive features to install on a website. Whether you choose to create auto-responses to visitor questions or have a person available to answer the chat whenever a potential lead messages the chat, users tend to feel more supported and tended to when a live chat is available for them to talk to even if they do not decide to utilize it. 

5. Showcase Yourself Working

Photos and videos of you and your team at work are a great addition to any financial professional’s website! Interacting with the community at events, a tour of the office, or simply smiling from behind your desk show people that you mean business and give a personal touch to any website design. 

6. Social Media

Those blog posts we mentioned earlier can be directly linked to your social media accounts so followers of your social accounts can be referred to your website and vice versa. Having social media link on your website can help potential clients stay updated on your work and interact with you online. Nowadays, that’s a leading cause of interest in a business or firm. 

7. Search Bar

Having a search bar on your website gives users the feel of being able to find any information they want with the touch of a button, and they’re right about that. It saves time, makes your firm look more established, and helps visitors navigate your website with ease. With the average user judging your website in a matter of seconds, it may be a good idea to help them make a positive judgment with a handy navigation tool that has access to your entire site! 



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