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Transferring Domains for Financial Advisors

Keeping in mind that there are different domain registrars that can sell you a domain for your financial advisor website, once your domain is able to be renewed you may want to switch one registry service for another. Unfortunately, transferring domains proves to have more limitations than simply buying the domain from your desired source. Nevertheless, Financial Website Company has tested the process and is here to give advice on the best methods of transferring for financial advisors, CPAs, and firms in 2022. 

Varying Renewal Prices

The renewal prices vary amongst different registrars and although some may be more costly, there may also be limitations that come with different domains. As a financial professional, let’s assume that you will be using a “.com” domain, which means you should not have to pay for premium pricing. FWC has previously released information about Google domains specifically, but we encourage you to search around and compare prices if there is interest in transferring your domain to another registrar. 

Expert Tip: Using common words in your domain name can increase limitations and difficulties when registering or renewing your domain. You may be familiar with .com, .biz, .org, and .gov domains. However, trying to add a twist on your domain by having a “.money” or “.cool” may not work as well. In addition to experiencing limitations, you may just not be able to use the domain- resulting in wasted time and effort. The registrar will notify you if the domain is unacceptable by providing a message that reads, “extension not supported.”  

Level of Support

When transferring domains, you expect to see a high level of support for any obstacles you may run into. This may influence your opinion on which registrars to stick with or change to when the domain for your financial website is up for renewal. As a busy professional helping your clientele, you want a service that will provide you with a similar level of support. For instance, those chatbots are great to install on a site but when you need support, you may want to be connected with a customer support agent to have a verbal conversation with. Registrars like GoDaddy may not offer this feature. 

Expert Tip: 

After doing thorough research, Financial Website Company found that if you use Google Domains and run into an obstacle, like authorizations codes being formatted differently from one registrar to the next, you can click on the link for Google’s support team and you will receive a call from a live agent. This feature stands out from most of Google’s support methods as you would be speaking directly to an agent rather than waiting 2-3 days for an email or attempting to converse with a bot. 


Bottom Line

For financial professionals looking to own a single domain, transferring from registrars can still produce quite the headache. If you are a company that owns multiple domains, this article may not be much help because there are far more limitations and Google Domains does not have the most ideal capabilities when it comes to bulk buying or transferring. That being said, transferring a single domain to a different registrar is typically easier for professionals such as CPAs, firms, and Financial Advisors because of the common use of .com domains and the ability to chat with support agents whenever road bumps occur. Although it is beneficial to understand the behind-the-scenes processes of your domain, we recommend consulting teams such as Financial Website Company to help walk you through the process- especially if the chosen registrar does not grant you access to a live agent. Expired domains are often the easiest fix for website repair and could be of little to no cost to you. For more information or help with your domain renewal, contact Financial Website Company at 


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