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Marketing to Millenials as a Financial Advisor

Contrary to popular belief, Millenials are not all entitled, lazy, or hard to work with. However, they do come with a unique marketing strategy needed and should be approached differently than you would for previous generations. Millennials are the generation between Generation X (those who enjoyed growing up in the ’80s) and Generation Z (who are now teenagers and young adults). Millennials have retained a bad reputation throughout the years for all being the same, but the diversity that runs through this generation is remarkable. Even more remarkable is that this generation produced the first natives to digital literacy. Knowing this, marketing to Millenials comes harder because they know the digital world well and base their judgment on experiences online. Although intimidating, we have compiled a list of the top 3 ways you can market to Millenials effectively. 

1. Aesthetics and Consistency

Your online presence should be aesthetically pleasing and consistent throughout your digital footprint. Aesthetic details such as colors, typography, and the quality of graphics are important. Financial websites and social media should convey professionalism, expertise, and a clean aesthetic look.

Easy Fix: Aesthetics should remain consistent across all platforms including your website, social media profiles, and even the signature on your email can all be altered to be as aesthetically pleasing and consistent. Millennials are drawn to easy-to-remember attributes of businesses, such as Geico’s famous slogan. Staying consistent and posting similar content everywhere will help audiences remember your specific firm and its unique brand. 


2. Updates 

This is huge for Millenials. Just like you update the software on your computer or phone to run more efficiently, your website should be the same way. The world changes so fast that even if you made your website in 2010, it is now outdated to many Millenial users and they are likely to not trust the information as much. 

Easy Fix: Regularly update your website to include new hires, new information, and keep up on maintenance for your website to provide the best user experience possible. Another update that may be needed is creating or tending to social media accounts, as many Millenials look here rather than picking up the newspaper. 


3. Testimonials

Millennials want to know your services have worked for others, and many rely on reviews and testimonials to decide whether to buy a product or service. Without proof that you have helped many clients successfully, Millenials are hesitant to trust your services and may avoid reaching out for that reason. 

Easy Fix: Have clients write reviews on google, your website, and social media pages to spread the word that your financial firm is the best option locally. On social media, people are able to leave comments on your posts, so making a post that simply says “leave a comment from a time our firm helped you” can bring in many new testimonials for potential leads to see. 

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