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Best Design Practices For Your Financial Firm’s Website

  1. Typography and Fonts

Text can convey or evoke emotions, similarly, the typography can persuade website visitors. In addition, the legibility of text can either help or hurt your business. Therefore, choosing the correct font should be a priority. Text, anywhere on your financial website, should follow these guidelines:

  • Typography should be legible on all devices and web browsers
  • The text should be easy to read and understand
  • Colors or visuals should not overpower typography


  1. Select a Color Scheme

The psychology of color theory has been used and has worked for many businesses. In the field of finances, the color most often used is blue because, psychologically, humans associate blue with trust and loyalty. Although you certainly do not have to choose blue in your color scheme, you should make sure that your colors properly match your brand identity and look good. A dedicated CPA website designer is able to assist in placement of your colors to provide a cohesive message. Additionally, your colors should also add to the navigation of your website and evoke emotion from visitors. 


  1. White Space 

White space, in this case, refers to the “negative” areas in a composition. As the content of your website is absorbed by users, the utilization of white space allows for visuals pauses in the design, which is both aesthetically pleasing and aids in the processing of information for the user. White space provides help with focus and avoids causing “analysis paralysis” also known as an information overload where the amount of information overwhelms our brains. Allowing for pauses for breaks in the design and providing a highlight to important features can avoid any stress while browsing your site.


  1. Texturize Your Site

Adding texture to your financial advisor website can increase the depth of the design, which is more visually pleasing to visitors than solid backgrounds. That being said, it is easy to overstimulate your website’s audience so Financial Website Company recommends only adding 1 or 2 textures per page. Additionally, using texture in your consistent theme can aid in building your brand. 


  1. Graphics Enhance Engagement

When designing a website, you want the visitor to know exactly what the website is about. In addition to text, graphics are a great way to enhance engagement and let viewers know what your site offers. On average, website visitors are more drawn to graphics and text. Pictures that are stylish, relevant, and placed strategically are more likely to be remembered than any text you use, so choose graphics wisely!


  1. Navigation that is Simple

Visitors do not want to dig through your website for the information they need. The best way to avoid this is to use tools that make navigation easy for visitors. A feature as simple as linking your logo to your homepage will allow users to click the logo in your header or footer to transport quickly back to the homepage. Simplicity really does do more for your website than complexity


  1. Mobile-friendly

One of the most important features you can include in your website is mobile adaptation. If you do not optimize your website for mobile devices, the product looks less-than-stellar. With oddly sized text, graphics, and an awful navigation experience- making your website mobile-friendly can not only increase your chance of interacting with potential leads but is one of the easiest ways to enhance user experience. If a previous financial advisor website developer did not include mobile adaptability, they did you a serious disservice. 


  1. Don’t Over-do It

There are so many fun and creative features you can add to a website to make it more aesthetically pleasing and seemingly professional. However, when visitors are presented with too many options, they will not know where to go or what decisions to make. With the help of our design and development teams, Financial Website Company guides visitors exactly where they want to go. Breadcrumbs, for example, are a great way to show visitors their navigation path and are considered extremely useful in SEO practices. If you would like to learn more, contact Financial Website Company at 


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