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Benefits to Financial WordPress Site “Check-ups”

Importance of Maintenance 

Maintaining your website is vital to successfully keep the best website possible. Many financial web developers or financial advisor website teams don’t teach you how to evaluate your website’s health or even how to edit in some cases. Financial Website Company ensures that each firm or CPA is taught how to not only edit their website themselves but how to check up on the health of their website. Awareness of health metrics for your site will substantially improve the function of your financial website. 

Benefits of Attention to Site Health

If your financial website was built on WordPress (if we have built your site, this could apply to you), then there is an analysis you can run on your website by clicking on “site health” under the “tools” drop-down when in the WordPress editor. This analysis will rate your website’s health and inform you if the improvement is needed. Whenever a problem arises, you will want to fix it before your clients and potential leads notice. Benefits of paying close attention to your website’s health include: 

  • Stay Up-to-Date on Necessary Security Measures

Web security is not a luxury, especially in the realm of financial professionals and their websites. Your clients depend on you to help reach, maintain, and grow security financially- therefore your website should provide the same security measures. With banking online being so popular, card numbers, passwords, and information entered into your website should always be protected. Slipping on your website security could jeopardize the information of your trusted clients. 

  • Checking Availability of REST API

REST API allows the software to communicate with other software. Those who use API depend on its functionality to keep their websites and applications working correctly. If your Rest API is too slow or unavailable, website visitors are likely to become frustrated and not have the ideal user experience. You can monitor this yourself by checking your REST API frequently. 

  • PHP Version Upgrade

Upgrading your PHP enables you to stay current with the most secure and fastest running websites. By optimizing your PHP, the quality of your website and user experience increase- which means happier clients and the potential to gain more leads with the SEO and visitor retention benefits that come along with routine PHP upgrades. 

  • HTTPS Will be Implemented

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure or HTTPS is very commonly seen before the “www” when entering a website in your internet browser. What does it mean? HTTPS is a more secure method of transferring data between a web browser and a web server. Implementing HTTPS on your website will provide more security for the data being sent with encryption and authentication.  

  • Controlling Spam and Unnecessary Comments

By routinely giving your Financial Advisor Website a “check-up,” you are able to monitor the spam comments that may be placed on your site, as well as stay up to date with the good reviews that may come through which enables you to interact with your clients in a positive fashion and boost morale. It’s always great knowing a financial advisor website team can help your site present the very best of your work. 

  • Provide Updates to the Design and Theme of your Website

One benefit of checking the site health of your CPA website is getting to provide updates to the design and theme of your website. Themes need to be updated as technology and website graphics improve, imagine using the same theme from 2009, well even if you do, just know that updating your theme could vastly improve your website and the experience of its users. 

  • Unused Plugins Will be Deactivated

Plugins are great, however, unused plugins can lead to delayed loading times and vulnerability to your website. Therefore, deactivating unused plugins can ensure your security measures are most effective and keep your visitors satisfied with optimal loading times when browsing your financial firm’s website. For any questions or to schedule your free 15-minute consultation, contact Financial Website Company at 


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