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Basics of Editing with Elementor

Financial Website Company understands that website maintenance is just as important as the initial launch. Not only do we offer to apply updates to your site, but we also teach you how to edit your site as well. Although we will give you a step-by-step explanation of how to edit your specific website, we’ve compiled a general guide to editing websites using the WordPress Elementor editor.



The first step is navigating to the desired page which will be on the left side of your WordPress dashboard through Pages > All Pages. Once you’ve clicked on the desired page, you will be directed to the default editor. To effectively edit the page, click on Edit with Elementor at the top of the page.

Expert Tip: The default page editor is useful for behind-the-scenes edits such as naming the page or adding a meta description. However, we recommend editing with Elementor to edit features of the webpage such as text updates or inserting recent photos. This is crucial to running a website because visitors are cognizant of outdated features on websites- especially photos or information. Users want to trust that your website will always be up-to-date and responsive to their needs.


Adding Content

When you click on Edit with Elementor, on the left side there will be two option tabs titled Global and Elements. These allow you to adjust global settings and add content including pictures, text, and more elaborate features like forms and slideshows.

Expert Tip: When adding content, be sure to prioritize relevance. Visitors are known to read less than half of what you write, so be concise with the information you publish. Elements such as FAQs are a great way to cut to the chase. Similarly, evaluate the relevance of the photos you add to your page. Financial Advisors and CPAs should look to add pictures of their team in business attire, local landmarks, and graphics that evoke the desired emotion from viewers such as relief and financial freedom.


Editing Existing Content

On the right side of the page will be the webpage you plan to edit. You can click on the features independently to edit them. The section you click on will be highlighted by a thin blue line around said section. After editing, make sure to click the Update button on the bottom of the left side column.

Expert Tip: After 20 years of running a Financial Firm, you may want to stick with your original content- as they say, “don’t fix what isn’t broken.” Of course, you can keep similar information while updating your site periodically. A good idea is to update photos of your team every few years, ensure your website is responsive to modern-day needs, and improve style choices throughout the years. Our advice for ensuring a responsive website is to adapt to changes like the increase in mobile use by making your site mobile-friendly.


Now that you know the very basics of editing with Elementor, you can give it a shot on your own financial advising website. If you get stuck at any point or want more in-depth training, Financial Website Company is just a call or click away. We pride ourselves on helping busy business professionals maintain their websites with ease and are available to step in at any point if editing becomes too much. Additionally, most financial website developers will not teach you to edit your website. However, FWC instructs every client on how to edit their site and provides technical support at any step in the learning process.

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