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5 Benefits of Mobile-Friendly Financial Websites

Your Help is Easily Accessible 

When people look up questions or look for advice, they tend to just pull out their phones and google things. When your website is mobile-friendly and compatible across multiple devices, visitors will be able to access your expertise at the touch of a button. Imagine if potential clients could schedule an appointment with you with so much ease, they can’t stop bragging about the availability you offer.  

Maximize User Experience

Your website as it is now may be available on a smaller screen, but does it have the same pizazz as your desktop screen when you open your site on a browser? It should! By simply resizing text and graphics and possibly adjusting the layout of pages, your website could look just as professional and easy-to-read on the mobile device of any user. Ask our team about screen size compatibility assessments. 

A Huge Difference For Less Money

If you already like the design of your website and it has great navigation on a desktop or laptop screen, then a cost-effective option to take your website to the next level is mobile-friendly adaptation. If you are on a budget and want a way to improve user experience, we recommend mobile adaptation. Our team, as a CPA website design team should ensure your website is accessible and astonishing, on every page, across every device. 

Potential Increase In Sales

Of course, the sales work is mostly the hard work and expertise of your firm, however, a fantastic website available on mobile devices sure can bring more financial advisory leads to you. According to Google’s data, mobile searches for financial advisors have grown 70% in the last two years and the same for searches related to financial planning and management. With this knowledge, we can guarantee that having a mobile-friendly website can open doors for new clients to find you. 

Google Analytics and Ranking

As previously mentioned, Google has statistics that show an increase in mobile searches for financial services. In addition, Google has a ranking system that determines how often and soon your website shows up when any inquiry is searched. If you have a higher ranking, users will be led right to your website for financial services. 

Having a website that is mobile-friendly has numerous benefits and can greatly increase your chance of being trusted and known by potential financial advisory leads. By simply choosing to have a mobile adaptive website, you have the potential to increase user experience, sales, and accessibility for everyone. Plus, it costs far less than refreshing the entire site’s design. For any questions or to schedule your free 15-minute consultation, contact Financial Website Company at

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