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4 Tips to Establishing Authority as a CPA with Your Website

In the realm of financial advisory and certified public accounting, trustworthiness is a trait that you need to not only establish quickly with potential clients, but you now have to do so without first speaking with or meeting them. This is why Financial Website Company suggests it is valuable to learn how to establish authority as a CPA or firm using only your website. Today we are sharing our top 4 tips for gaining and maintaining the authority of your local market. 


  1. Accessibility

Financial advisor website companies know that user experience is graded by more than just one person’s experience. Designers have a lot of duties, one being planning ahead to accommodate user accessibility. Just like accommodations are made for individuals in wheelchairs, you should use the same mindset when designing a website. People with limitations and disabilities can have different needs to complete their user experience and adapting is far less complicated than it seems. Accessibility applies to your whole website, including the following: 

  • Structure
  • Page Format
  • Graphics
  • Text
  • Visuals

Developed by the Web Accessibility Initiative and the World Wide Web Consortium, The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) state that websites must be perceivable, operable, understandable, and robust. Meaning, visitors should be aware of the content, your website should have different methods of functionality, the content is easy to understand, and your website must be adaptive to different assistive technologies, including browsers and various devices. 


  1. Conventionality

As technology has become more prevalent in everyday life, there are certain luxuries that the modern population of internet browsers has grown accustomed to as time passes.  Some examples of the conventions  previously mentioned are:

  • The navigation bar placement
  • Placement of the logo
  • Having a clickable logo that links directly to the homepage 
  • Having buttons and links that change colors when the mouse hovers over them
  • Using specific icons to help direct visitors
  • Manual controls for the rotation of image carousels 


One mistake seen often is Financial Advisors forgetting simple conventions or trading them to be unique. A financial advisor website developer knows how to balance creativity with conventionality, so the firm never feels its image is compromised, as the viewers feel familiar with the website from the start. As discussed in other posts, appeasing user experience is the key to effectively conveying your message to potential leads. Like user experience, conventionality should be planned from the perspective of the visitors, which avoids frustration and potential clients continuing to look for another Financial Advisor. 


  1. Credibility 

The last subject bleeds in here, conventionality and credibility go hand in hand in a way. When a user expects specific conventions and is not greeted with them, their trust in your firm may decrease. Aside from conventionality, being as clear and honest as possible will also help improve your financial advisor’s credibility. Here are some additional tips to establishing credibility on your website:

  • Be genuine
  • Be consistent
  • Be respectful
  • Be inclusive
  • Be open to the changes of the market


  1. User-Centricity

All of the above elements combined impact user-centricity, which affects how your potential leads view your website. More importantly, it affects how your potential clients view your firm and your credibility as a CPA or Financial Advisor. When you are able to make an individual feel comfortable, trusting, and satisfied knowing they found the right help for them. All of this can be accomplished via your financial advisor website design and more. If you would like to learn more, contact Financial Website Company at  

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