10 Ways to Make Your Financial Website Stand Out

March 7, 2022

1. Be transparent 

Clarity and transparency will help immensely when viewers first visit your website. In the first 30 seconds, they should be able to see exactly

  1. Who you are
  2. What you do
  3. What you stand for
  4. How you can help them

Having pages such as “About Us” or “Meet the Team” are terrific ways of putting all that information into one easy-to-find section. You can help convey your message by adding features such as a mission and vision statement, a biography of the team, and include a brief list of services. 

2. Pay attention to your URL

Your domain name is the shortest, quickest summary visitors will get of your website. For example, Financial Website Company tells you exactly who we are and what we do- we are a company that makes websites for financial professionals. Having a URL that represents your brand well will initially hook your visitors so that your website can convert them into potential leads and you can convert them to clients. If a person looks up “CPAs near me,” they want your URL to scream that you are here to help loud and clear, and will click on your site according to how well it catches their attention. 

3. Navigation Is Your Friend

Having an easy-to-navigate website is what your visitors will look for. Many people searching for financial help online want help ASAP, so they do not want to spend the next 10-20 minutes searching your site for information. To improve UI (user experience), you can include features such as:

  1. A navigation menu
  2. Links to other pages on your homepage
  3. A search tool 

4. Call Potential Leads to Action

Calls to action are fantastic for website efficiency. You can have as many as 4 calls to action per page, disguised as a button. These buttons can serve different purposes such as “Free Consultation,” “Click For Discount Code,” or “Contact Us.” Financial web developers will link these buttons to pop-up forms, other pages, and allow you to present many chances to your visitor to take action while on your website. 

5. Showcase Reviews and Testimonials

The easiest and most effective way to establish trust with website visitors is to show them what previous clients have said. Sections with 3-5 testimonials is the perfect way for potential clients to grasp your work and communication- without ever speaking or working with you. Many people choose the companies they work with and items they buy based on the reviews of other customers, so make sure to choose testimonials that represent you accordingly. 

6. Clear Contact Information

Remember how we mentioned that visitors do not want to scroll or click their way through your website for their information? This is especially true for your contact information. In addition to a “contact us” page and call to action, we recommend keeping your contact information in the header and footer so that it is the first and last thing they will see on every single page. A good rule of thumb is to keep your telephone number and email in both, while including your address and fax where you see fit. 

7. Implement SEO

Search engine optimization involves all of these attributes. Your domain name, how you present information, the number of keywords you use, photos, testimonials, and the description of pages all factor into your SEO ranking- and more! Implementing SEO by learning the basics and/or consulting a financial SEO expert is your best bet for rising in the ranks against competitors. 

8. Quality over quantity

Long, boring paragraphs are for the birds- nobody reads them and they may include information that could be presented in a much more appealing way. Choose the quality of your content over the quantity. Infographics and bullet lists can tell your visitors everything they need to know and they are apt to read those features over paragraphs of information. 

9. Ensure Security

Being a financial professional, your clients expect security, and you should provide it while staying secure yourself. The hosting website you choose can make a world of difference in this category. Keep your website safe from hackers and your website secure at all times. 

10. Have a style

Whether you choose to be bold and colorful or sleek and monochromatic, consistency and style are more important to your viewers than you may think. We suggest having the same style on your website as you have on business cards, social media platforms, and in your office. Sticking to a color scheme and main typography can help tremendously with this. For more information contact Financial Website Company at https://financialwebsitecompany.com/contact-us/ 


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